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Trains & trams from Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Canada and the USA.

Every so often, you get that wow photo.
Budapest 4228 passing an old Trabant.

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This website contains my transport photographs taken since 1958.

Areas covered include Ontario and the bordering states of New York and Michigan. Slightly further afield were the results of trips to Connecticut,  New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. During the 1970s I was a regular traveler to Britain and some of those steam, diesel and electric are included. In the late 1980s and early 90s I discovered the fascination of the ex-DRGW 3ft narrow gauge steam lines and I visited Colorado and New Mexico. A trip to Europe in 2000 introduced me to the current railway scene in Italy, Austria & Germany and that was supplemented with more trips in 2001 & 2002. In 2003 I made my first railway visits to Hungary & Switzerland. 2004 featured 2 trips which included Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary and a visit in the fall for the first time to the Czech Republic. Spring 2005 saw visits to Calgary and the Rockies to Vancouver and Victoria, then summer 2005 to Poland and more of the Czech Republic. April 2006 saw another trip to Saxony & the Czech Republic  to visit trolleybus cities and photograph more trams in Most, Prague, Plauen, Zwickau, Chemnitz & Dresden. April 2007 featured 10 days based in Berlin with visits to Szczecin & Gorzow in Poland as well as Schwerin, Rostock & Brandenburg and in September 2007 to Prague for Jihlava & Mariánské Lázně as well as return visits to transit systems in the western portion of the country. May 2008 to the UK. April 2009 to the Czech Republic and Bavaria, September 2009 to Northern Italy and Tuscany and April 2010 to Austria and Hungary. The June 2011 trip included Belgium, Rotterdam, Lille and the Rhine-Ruhr valley. Belgium & the Netherlands was revisited in October 2011 and again in April 2012. A week in mid-April 2013 was spent in Brandenburg-Berlin and I attended the 65th Motor Bus Society convention in London, England in mid-September 2013 and then spent the first week of May 2014 in the Ruhr Valley. 2015 saw trips to the Rhine between Mainz and Basel and a month later a trip to the Veneto, Umbria and Rome for bus and train photos. 2017 was devoted to buses in London, England.
Also included are some non-railway scenic photos of sites along the way. 

Please read my  "Introductory Notes & Observations".

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